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Pricing of shows

Each show starts with a base price

10 min. - 20$

15 min.- 25$

20 min.- 30$

The base price is for preparing time, my body, equipment or toys for you.

This is where the fee starts. Think of it as a fee for me to go on camera for you with or without an outfit of your choice and talk to you.

For this price you can choose up to a maximum of 5 items/practices that I will do for you.


I want to see Leda for 15 min. She needs to do a blowjob on a dildo, masturbates with her hand and does a striptease.
It means that I add prices: 100 + 40 + 50 + 20 = 210 zl This is the price of the whole show.

There is something you would like to see and it is not in the price list, no problem, write to me and I will make you an individual quote

How to order a show

I am currently working on making the purchase of shows as easy as possible. My preference is to pay via BLIK Code, but I have other methods as well. Contact me via Telegram.

Scan the QR code or find:


Or fill out the contact form under the button below